Crafting Your Sankalpa: An IFS-Inspired Guide to Intention Setting

As we step into the New Year, many of us feel the pull to set resolutions or intentions for the months ahead. One powerful and affirmative way to do this is through the ancient practice of Sankalpa, seamlessly integrated with the transformative insights of Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Understanding Sankalpa:

Sankalpa, a Sanskrit term, translates to a deep resolve or sacred intention formed in the heart. Unlike traditional resolutions, which may leave us with feelings of frustration or failure, a Sankalpa is not about fixing what's wrong; rather, it is a positive affirmation of your true nature and deepest desires.

Integration with IFS:

Internal Family Systems, a therapeutic approach that explores the various "parts" within us, provides a unique lens for crafting a Sankalpa. Within IFS, we recognize that different parts of ourselves may have conflicting desires and intentions. Crafting a Sankalpa with IFS involves acknowledging and aligning these parts toward a shared, positive intention.

Steps to Craft Your IFS-Inspired Sankalpa:

Ground Yourself: Begin with a brief mindfulness exercise or deep breathing to center yourself.

Connect with Parts: In a moment of quiet reflection, identify and acknowledge different facets of yourself. These may include the Inner Critic, the Inner Child, the Expansive Adult, the Adventurous Spirit, or others.

Dialogue with Parts: Engage in a gentle inner dialogue with these aspects. Ask them about their intentions, fears, and desires. This dialogue helps bring conflicting parts into awareness.

Discern Shared Intention: As you connect with your parts, look for a common thread or shared positive intention. It could be themes like peace, love, healing, or courage.

Craft Your Sankalpa: Formulate a concise and affirmative statement that encapsulates your shared intention. For example, "I am grounded in the unwavering love within me" or "I approach challenges with courage and compassion." Two years ago I wrote this for my Sankalpa: "I am connected. I am able. I am on a journey of health and healing toward wholeness." My Sankalpa has guided me over the two years.

Repeat and Reflect: Repeat your Sankalpa several times, allowing it to resonate within you. Reflect on how it feels, and adjust the wording until it aligns just right with your inner truth.

By integrating the wisdom of Sankalpa with the nuanced understanding of parts in IFS, you're not just setting an intention; you're fostering a sense of inner harmony. This year, embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the transformative power of your IFS-inspired Sankalpa.

Craft yours today and step into the coming months with clarity, purpose, and a deep connection to your authentic self.