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Walk & Talk IFS Sessions

Immersing in nature at McIntosh Lake in Longmont, Colorado, I am thrilled to extend the opportunity for Walk & Talk IFS sessions, a fusion of therapeutic exploration and the healing power of the outdoors. Clients have the freedom to choose from the following three options:

For those seeking a balanced blend of movement and introspective parts work, the first option offers a 25-minute walk out on the lake path, followed by a reflective 25-minute walk back.

Alternatively, if a serene and grounded setting is desired, the second option invites clients to sit on a cozy blanket, enveloped by the natural beauty, as we delve into our transformative discussions. 

Lastly, the third option is a bench overlooking the beautiful lake, where we engage in dialogue amidst nature's ambiance, followed by a short reflective stroll back. 

Whichever path resonates with you, these Walk & Talk sessions provide a unique and enriching opportunity to foster self-discovery, healing, and connection within Longmont's captivating landscapes.

If inclement weather occurs, Walk & Talk sessions have the option to shift to our secure virtual platform, ensuring you can continue with your therapeutic progress without any interruptions. 

If the idea of IFS in a natural setting resonates with you, you might also be intrigued by Deep Water Soul Care, a non-profit organization my partner and I operate in Colorado. We specialize in outdoor adventure trips with a therapeutic IFS focus. For more details, please visit