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Julie is a compassionate and dedicated Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner and Coach, who is passionate about guiding clients through life's difficulties and the effects of trauma. She is especially committed to working with individuals from marginalized communities and her deep empathy and understanding create a safe space for all clients to explore and heal from the emotional challenges they face. Julie's IFS work with clients demonstrates that she truly meets each client where they are at, recognizing the uniqueness each person brings to the therapeutic space. With a keen awareness of trauma's impact on mental well-being, Julie fosters resilience and empowerment in her clients and helps them find solace in their healing journey.

Michele W., IFS Practitioner and Coach

Julie has a very gentle, intuitive, and compassionate spirit. She is a skilled IFS practitioner who holds space for her clients in a way that feels very safe and without judgment. I highly recommend her to anyone who dares to embark on a healing/growth journey!

Tabitha F.

Julie is a dedicated and attuned Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner who will guide you to explore your inner world with safety and compassion. Julie exhibits a genuine curiosity and empathy that supports deep exploration and new insights. Her expertise and genuine passion for helping others creates a transformative and empowering container for growth.

Tara B.

I took my IFS level 1 training with Julie and I'm currently a program assistant (PA) in the same team with Julie. I also had the opportunity to meet Julie in person at the IFS conference and to spend time with her in person. If you are looking for someone who can listen to you actively and ask you and your parts questions that can help you access your inner world in a new way, don't hesitate another minute. Although I haven't had a typical session with Julie, I experience shifts in myself after talking to her in regular conversations. If you feel inspired to work with her, allow yourself to follow that inspiration without any hesitation.

Mary M.

Julie skillfully led me through a meditation to support my self energy in order to move through an IFS legacy unburdening. Julie's love and compassion really come through in her approach. I feel very grateful.

Susan S.

I'm so thankful for my experience with Julie! I came to her, seeking help with a traumatic experience I had at work. Through using IFS (Internal Family Systems), she helped me acknowledge and listen to all my different parts that had been triggered and affected. I left our session feeling much more grounded and at peace with the situation. She is loving, caring, and gifted in what she does. I highly recommend her!

Joanna E.

Julie at Ancient Sage is an outstanding IFS practitioner who has a remarkable ability to create a safe and nurturing space for exploration. Her compassionate and intuitive approach guides clients through a transformative journey. I highly recommend Julie to anyone seeking profound personal growth and inner harmony through the lens of Internal Family Systems therapy.

Dr. Starr

I attended a retreat that Julie was leading and had the pleasure of doing work with her. She brings a positive empathic energy to her that encourages you to befriend and process the difficult parts inside. She is an excellent guide to the inner world.

Kyle H.

I had the privilege of doing my IFS level 1 with Julie and found that she was not only skilled, but quite remarkable at attunement and offering wisdom and insight. I'd highly recommend her for your IFS journey!

Jonah B.

Julie listens with curiosity and kindness. She has helped me hold and discover new and tender parts of myself, bringing in healing and hope to places that have felt stuck for a long time. She has an ease of presence and a compassionate approach that I find really welcoming and safe. I’m grateful for her support on my healing path.

Anne A.

Julie was wonderful, responsive, and helpful!

Anonymous IFS Training Participant

Very, very good.

Anonymous IFS Training Participant

Julie was extremely helpful and attentive in the reflection group. The meditations were so helpful and she held space for all of us.

Anonymous IFS Training Participant

Julie was a great resource for reflections. She provided the structure to invite our insight into the group. Julie’s meditations were great!

Anonymous IFS Training Participant

Julie brought energy, joy, and excitement [as a greeter] in the morning before class began.

Anonymous IFS Training Participant

I love Julie. Her meditations are powerful. She is attentive in our group and validates each point of view.

Anonymous IFS Training Participant

Julie strikes a remarkable balance between being prepared, offering structure and a professional presence, on the one hand, and being relaxed and responsive to what's happening in the moment, on the other hand. She brings clarity, sensitivity, helpfulness, and availability in this way.

Anonymous IFS Training Participant

Julie is understanding and sensitive in her communication. She was helpful and understanding of the situations and emotions that could trigger. She let us know she was available if needed.

Anonymous IFS Training Participant

Julie was warm and encouraging, had beautiful Self-energy, and gave helpful feedback. Her tree meditation was much appreciated!

Anonymous IFS Training Participant